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Leverage the cloud and visually enrich your seemlessly integrated online experiences.  Benefit from the enourmous powers and capabilities of Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and more with ease and simplicity.

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Data Analytics

Machine learning-powered business intelligence services built for the cloud.


Fully managed continuous integration services.

QA & Testing

Minimal downtime.

Dedicated Team

Cloud-based contact center service.

Built for the Cloud

Focus on the work that matters to you most - use Egum to handle the complexities of making multiple technologies work seemlessly together.

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Achieve your goals faster without needing to learn multiple new technologies

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Client Reviews

" We have seen a significant increase in productivity."

- Tom Israel C.E.O

" Great service I was able to trial before committing to."

- Beth McIntosh M.D

" Innovative technology that makes a difference."

- Karla Oliver P.A

" Got up and running quickly and with ease."

- Chris Smith Manager

" Awesome discovery."

- Dana Tolle Developer

" Removes the complexity and allows for more to get done."

- Jeff Walker Designer