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Virtual Assistants can be valuable in many industries, however, the prime industries we focus on are Consumer Goods, Retail, and Manufacturing.
Virtual assistants can add the most value in large organizations, however, small companies can gain incredible value as well. EGUM also allows small companies to use our services based on availability.


Why does EGUM firt require a free trial?

EGUM is confident users will find significant value using EGUM. EGUM would like to have a long term business relationship with its customers and having a free trial is a way to do so.
EGUM believes its users will derive great value, not only including increased sales and reduced loss, but also in them enjoying their work more and worrying less in and out of work. EGUM will do its best to work with its users to ensure a fair price.

Free Trial Success Criteria

What determines a successful EGUM free trial?

The user should base the success of the free trial on if they increased sales, reduced loss and liked EGUM enough to continue on a paid ongoing basis.

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